I got robbed

hey everyone. i need to vent about this and since im in kirupaland more then reality lately, i think you will understand. hehe.
my jeep was broken into last night. the guy/girl must have been a real idiot for sure, cuz they didnt even manage to get my stereo.
apaprently, they broke in through the side window, and unlocked the door. then they went for the stereo, but since it was bolted in, they decided to smash in the dashboard. they still couldnt get the thing though, cuz it was bolted to the actual framework of the car. then they went through all my sheet and stole my paperwork. the idiots must have seen soemone nearby though, because they got outta there quick… they left my amp and my kickers and stuff. they also managed to cut themselves on the dashboard and leave some nice blood all over the place. idiot.
as soon as i found it this afternoon, i cancelled my credit cards, and closed my bank account. so they cant get any money from me which is good. but i’m concerned cuz they have all my info like my addy and stuff. which concerns me about identity fraud and stuff like that. should i be worried? it shouldnt be a problem, but i am so paranoid right now. do you think that they could do anything with that? i mean, realisticly, this was probably a small time junkie or soemthing, so they shouldnt have the know how to do any of that, right??
anyway, a very nice detective came down like 1/2 hour after i called the cops, and swabbed the blood and took prints. he said they normally don’t do that, but since there was blood and also cuz the lady i spoke with said i sounded nice and also very upset, that they would make an exception and come. which is sooo cool. god do i love the boston police.
anywhoo. this shouldn’t really be upsetting me, cuz all my valuables are still there, but i’m still super frazzled. ive been shaking for like 2 hours. i feel so… freikin violated. am i being stupid? please, someone tell me that i am cuz maybe then i will stop feeling this way.
oh man. i thought back bay was kinda safe for a city area. guess they proved me wrong. i know this stuff happens all the time. but omg. im just… omg.

i think you’ll be ok. just try to calm down. it’s good that you cancelled all your credit cards and such. :frowning:

thanks pinx. :slight_smile: the thought of the eclipse is keeping me calmer right now. hehe.

it’s REALLY overcast here. i’m thinking it won’t be happening for me here which is sad.

poo :frowning: its crappy here too. im sure some kirupan will get nice pics though

wow… does stuff like that really happen where you live? :!:

Hope it all gets sorted out… who did it sure is an idiot :-\

thanks :slight_smile: it happens all the time. i just was stupid and thought not so much in a neighborhood like this. ah well, we live and we learn

you should be happy, it coulda been worse like they couldve stole your car with all the stuff it had inside, you did the right thing in cancelling all your cc and bank accounts, just thank god it wasnt worse :beam: be happy happy joy joy like your footer says you lived to talk about it not many people are that lucky

You’re right, it does happen all the time but that doesn’t make it any better when it happens to you. Have a stiff drink and vent some more, then it should be out of your system. I guess it’s time for a motion alarm.

Hope you’re not too down about it.

see, heres the even stupider part. i have an alarm. but it wasnt on because, over here, we have tandem parking. which means its two spots one behind the other. so my neighbor and i share the spot, and we exchange keys this way if we need to move the cars around we can. but he doesnt have the little remote clicker, cuz i have one being ordered for him right now, so until it comes, i cant have the alarm on. hehe. that makes me feel even stupider. ugh.

oops :S

Whens the eclipse? :slight_smile:

  • Soul :s:

tonight. theres a thread around here somewhere. :slight_smile:


sorry to hear about your misfortune. Just take comfort in the fact, that in some parallel universe in another dimension, there is a naked thief stuck to a jeep with superglue…

Hahaha! :beam:

  • Soul :s:

Do we even get to see the eclipse from here?


From England? You sure? :slight_smile: Cause it’s a lovely clear night…

all of europe, america and asia can see it tonite. your viewing times are going to be different but you’ll be able to see it.