Ahhh hellpppp preloader is killing me

Can someone help me, i have finished this whole site in flash, about 360kb in size and i have just tried to put a preloader on it and it wont work! I have followed many tutorials on this but it still doesnt work. I have struggled for months sussing these things out, and it should be so straight forward but it just wont work! I tried a couple of way ive seen in tuts but none work. I know its something i have done or have not but i really need some help before the deadline comes. I tried the

If Frame Loaded (‘last frame’) {
gotoandplay (2,1)

but that just went straight past it and kept playing until it hit the first frame at the start of the site with a stop() action on the frame. Oh god im going nuts, i know im missing something but i dont know what, all my labels are right and i tried it with frame numbers and labels, any help would be appreciated very much. People say tha the can be frustrating if u miss something but i have followed alot of tutorials step by step including the Kirupa one but it still doesnt work. Thankyou

Hi ghoteki,
Preloaders can be a pain in the neck,
I hope you haven’t missed your deadline so i’ve attatched a zip file with a really simple working preloader for you to open and pick apart, I have a feeling your simply missing out a further action which should appear further along on the preload instructions.
I hope this helps. Good luck

Thanks alot Chris, i hope it does help me, i have not gotten right into actionscript yet and i think thats why i have these problems. I cannot understand the code totally, i know most of the code but not the extent of what is needed. Thanks again, preloaders pfffft.

PS I still have like 2 days till the deadline so i owe you one. :wink:

Hi again Ghoteki,
hopefully all your problems are now solved but just in case ive attatched a file for you
inside this file you will find a movie clip. all the scripting has been done for you so Just copy this movie clip to your movie in the frame before the rest of your movie
and now you should have a fully working fully functioal preloader