Preloader doesnt work! HELP! I'm a NEWB!

Hi guys, \r\ri tried the tutorial that teaches you how to create a preloader…i followed the instructions and it still doesnt work! what’s wrg?\r\ri put \rif (_framesloaded>=_totalframes) {\r&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp gotoAndPlay (36); \r} else {\r&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp gotoAndPlay (1);\r}\ron my first frame actions…i put the “gotoAndPlay (36)” cause i tried a previous preloader that took more than 1 frame and didnt want to change my button’s “goTo” frames…but i figured it wont change anything…\r\ranyways, i put that line of code as my first frame action…by double clicking the timeline…\rthen i create a symbol for that frame 1 and created an animation…but then when i put it on the web, it doesnt work…what am i doing wrong? or am i too dumb to see something wrong? =(

Check “preloader re-revisited” in the “best of Kirupa” section. I have a detailed write up there as well as a free download, IF my server is up (which it hasn’t been for three days now). I think it’s the best preloader I’ve seen so far.