AHHH! Help!

Uggh. Im getting so frustrated. Okay, her’es my problem

I have a motion tween on my first layer of my scene. It starts at frame one and ends at frame 15.

Well, on Layer TWO , at frame 15, I want ANOTHER motion tween, but when i do INSERT MOTION TWEEN, it backs it all the way up to frame one :frowning:

How can I start a motion in the middle of a timeline!! I’m so confused :frowning:

If you hit F6 on layer 2 at frame 15 you should get a key frame. Take your object on frame 15 layer2 and right click it in the time line. From the menu that pops up select motion tween. The go to the frame on layer 2 where you want the animation to end and hit F6 again this will create another keyframe. Now move the 2 in the way you want the animation to look:)