Someone Help MEEEEEE!

I just got flash MX I understand the basics but I cant figure out how to insert motion tweens and how to make the object have movement.

Like in Flash 5!
in Frame 1 you make the object position for example (25;55) and in frame …let’s say 50 set the position (60;25);(right click on frame 50 and insert keyframe)
Right click on frame 1, choose Motion tween and voila
note: one layer can only have one object if there’s a motion tween on it…

I am having a problem with tweening in Flash MX…
I only have one symbol on the layer, and yet it gives me the error:
“Motion tweening will not occur on layers with ungrouped shapes or on layers with more than one group or symbol.”

Is anyone else having this problem? Has someone out there succesfully tweened in Flash MX? Perhaps someone could email me a .fla with tweening that works and I could figure out what is going on!

Here is a screen capture of the problem:…roblem.jpg

Here is the .fla in a zip file:

I really appreciate any help!