oh hey Phill, i too was browsin through all your, well, not-so-flash-related posts…
anyways, finally a chance to introduce myself…
well im a young geeky kid:nerd:, im into flash and actionscript (currently learning PHP), and i uh… like this site pretty much!:slight_smile: Though i’ve been playing with actionscript for sometime now, i think i still have tons to learn:D, and thats one reason why im here. I also moderate at another community (FlashDevils.com). As my profile tells, im interested in sciences and maths, and im trying to learn more about incorporating that in actionscript, and well, i think this is just the place:D. Im also getting a but into pixel art, its pretty interesting. I dont currently have a website (still under construction), but i do have some experiments, just in case :). A last comment would be that this place is pretty well designed, i just love it :smiley:

hehe i did notice how much “phun” goes on here :), and yeah. i will try to be more active and helpful:)

p.s. the only thing this board lacks is a :smiley: smiley… i mean c’mon, how else can we react to all the “phun”?

hm… my own personal simleys? i’m not sure if thats a good idea, as im not that good at making smileys:sigh: :P, but yet, i might give that a try some day…
and oh, tho not so many people posted here, i already feel welcomed:)

and out of plain curiousity, what does it take to be a member of the…“secret society of kirupaVille”?:evil:


It is : beam : (without spaces) intead of :smiley:

Welcome to the forum Ahmed :slight_smile: Phil is the resident COPYCAT THEIF, so feel free to ignore him :evil:

::rolls eyes::

Whatever conspiracy theory boy.

You just happend to post the same thread, with the same exact post as mine minutes after I posted it.

Including the lostinbeta patented smileys party.

hehe:beam:, didnt notice that one:beam:…

oh, one thing i forgot to tell, it was h88 who told me about this site… he’s an old friend… so old that i barely talk to:beam:…

and… man this is ‘phun’, each one is asking me to ignore the other:beam:

:beam: lol!
H is for his name, and 88 is the year he was born… but well, hairs: 88 total is also an option… this should be discussed more seriously:P… (probably in the Top Secrets forum:evil:??)

man im sorry i might not be of so much help… the last time i saw him (back home, a few years ago) he did have enough hair… not sure about now though, things do change…

:beard: v.s. :asian:

I’ve discussed that with Rev b4 phil, Why did’nt u run a search. :bad:


h88 8]

*Originally posted by Phil Jayhan *
**Is it true that H88 stands for Hairs: 88 total…

we were discussing this earlier… **

Discussing What???

but still, it could possibly stand for two things, one of which would be hairs: 88 total:beam:

very interesting thread, one that didn’t get that much mainstream attention as the powers that be(Phil and Beta) have purposely hidden it to prevent their secret council from being exposed! This coup de tat must NOT continue and we the citizens of Kirupaville will not stay silenced…
Mak is abducted at night by the secret council and beaten with a large smelly trout

i was wondering who ahmed was…well good to have you here!

lol… i didnt really know i was even noticed…:stuck_out_tongue:

everything you do while on kirupaville is recorded and documented to be later reviewed by the secret council. fortunately their reach does not extend beyond this little community as of yet, but we must stem the tide or their rule over everything is only a matter of time

■■■■… this community is scary… i think i better leave:o :stuck_out_tongue:

but don’t you see? you [SIZE=4]CaN’T[/SIZE] leave!!! there is NO EXIT. dont let phil know you want to leave or else the consequences could be dire :pirate: :crazy:


Hello Ahmed, welcome

do not pay attention to the man behind the curtain. We are the great and powerful Kirupa!!!

“The people in charge of sacking those in charge, have been sacked.”