AI Pathfinding Library - miNav

Hi everyone,

I recently made a AI Pathfinding Library (with GREAT truly PRICELESS help from Charleh) called miNav. The mi stands for Mindinsomnia (my website) and the Nav is just short for navigation.

The basically design is that you create your miNav device and add maps then add nodes to the maps. You then connect up the nodes and ‘solve’ the maps, which stores all the pathfinding solutions in memory for future use.

The library uses the Dijkstra algorithm and is written in C++.

I wrote up a tutorial on how to use it which might explain this all better.
Link to tutorial

You can download the library here

More info on the library here

This is a main centre piece in my programming portfolio and I used it to get into university, so I wish to get some feedback on what people think of it.
I would appreciate any and all comments on the general quality of the library. :thumb: