Feel like AI programming... don't know what to do

Hi all,

I don’t really have a technical question as such but it is related to programming. I just recently finished writing a Generic AI Pathfinding Library in C++. I must admit, I really enjoyed making it :crazy: . I would like to do some more AI programming. Preferably I would like to make another library cause that way I’ll be making something that I could use later on instead of just something that’s cool but I can’t use. Also (depending on how I feel on the day I finish the library :lol:) I could release it as open source … or just free for non-commercial use… you know, something like that.

So… any ideas of what I could make?

I got pretty much the next whole month free, I just finished high school, waiting to find out if I got into Uni. Really bored. Need something to do to keep the insanity at bay.

Pathfinding was certainly a challenge, and really enjoyable & satisfying… but I wouldn’t mind digging my teeth into something harder…AI learning? General Purpose Game AI Engine? AI Combat Engine? Whats something that’s achievable but will still push me to my limits?