Alex's car adventures (Part 104)

hey, I thought that you might like an update! goatee:

I recently spent $150 bucks onExplod Speakers for my car. Of course I spent the extra $20 for a 4 year warranty so incase I blow them, I get new ones.

Well, when i was driving home from work last night, i put in some music with alot of bass and turned it up to about 20. I heard a thump and that was it, the front speaker blew.

It was because of the new speakers can handle 220 watts a piece. But the front stock speakers couldn’t handle it and it broke.


what a piece of junk.

well any ways I am going to upgrade and get these for the front door panels.

so its going to be louder than ever.

gotta love the music=)

Haha. Make a childrens book full of your adventures!! :thumb: What kind of car is it?

you know i’m seriously thinking of drawing up some cartoons based on what happens to Alex. :wink:

Seriously, Alex … I thought I told you - give up the car, get a Segway!

Get back to a good old bike…