Alien Egg

I was trying to create a fire effect and got side tract. I think it’s pretty cool.

Any tips/suggestions/critique?

:red: [color="#FF8800"]Coppertop[/color]

I dont ave any suggestions but that is a kewl effect. :thumb:

hm, i assume you used the tutorial from blue sfear, and that’s a pretty cool effect. at the top, make the white light a little more transparent, not too much, but a little more.

lol a far cry form fire. I like it. Blur the alien body a bit more. IT seems very sharp comparied to the blurry look of the egg.

Thanks sintax and mmatt.

MMatt: Yeah, thats what I was basing it on, the spotlight idea, but quickly diverted from that. I’ll update the picture soon

thats nice dude… accidents are the best learning experience sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:

nice effect, now crack it a lil :smiley:

I love it ! :love:

Alright, I ajusted it abit using what you said to make it look more organic. I added a bit of plastic wrap, I blured the alien, and and tried to make the alien a bit more 3D. I’m not entirely sure the 3D part worked, but I hope it did!

hmmm… for some reason i like the first one better, on the second one, the top right “corner” of the egg looks dented or something.