Align it for me

Know the Dynamic text you scroll, is not Aligned properly i mean its not ‘justfied’ aligned. is there a way to do that?

I’m not sure what you mean. For aligning text, you use these buttons:

I have the same problem, if you check any alignement for the textbox and later apply some dynam. loaded text it stills justifies left, there must be some coding to set the textbox aligment…

Then first make dynamic then align :beam:

Tried that voets, actually it get the text from the txt file which igiess iant alligned. is there a possibility that we can use a .doc instead of .txt

You cannot align dynamic text as “Justified”, thats why it won’t work. No matter how you load the text, the ability to align a dynamic textbox as “Justified” isn’t possible.

can you not add HTML to dynamic text

if not then how do you load HTML pages into a part of you site

Dynamic text can only read limited HTML tags…

The .html property…

The .htmlText property…

The tags that can be used…

You cannot load HTML pages into a Flash file like that. They are two seperate entities altogether, if you want an HTML page do an HTML page, and if you want a Flash page do a Flash page. Or just combine them and create a hyrbid page where you use tables and/or frames :shudders: to build your site with some flash elements and some html elements.

why did you type :shudder: after frames/tables

don’t you like using them;)

Tables are great, love em, frames are good too, but they are too often misused making them ugly and/or tacky.

tables are good if you use it to split images up and make them links and stuff, but you have to do it proper

but i don’t really like frames i think they look ugly, Iframes are ok

why not use an image map for splitting up images and making links out of them :stuck_out_tongue: its extremely easy given a paint program that tells ur coords of ur mouse…

yeah ok i was just saying:x

So is there any other way which let you Align the scrollable text. i mean it doesnt have to dynamic. jsut want to be aligned and scrollable.

Well you can only scroll dynamic text, so thats your only option.

Unless you want to put your textbox is a movie clip and scroll the movie clip, but that is an entirely different method of scrolling, I covered something like that previously here…

Thanks alot LIB.
Can you help me with s’thing else as well. I want to know how to scroll images and creat the blur picture effect.
Go to this URL click <portfolio> & then on <web> or <branding> see how these little picture buttons are scrollable. How can i create this effect and the blur effect as well.