All in 1 messenger

I remember seeing this somewhere… the program (1 program, 1 window) could let you login in msn, aim, yahoo messenger and probably other stuff in 1 program and see all of the people in 1 window… Anyone know something like that? Something good? =)

I’ve been using GAIM for the past two days, and it is really nice. I like it more than trillian! :cap:

trillian…only bad part, it blocks out the messneger fonts, it only shows the convos in [color=royalblue][size=7][font=Times New Roman]times[/font].[/size][/color]

Can you direct connect in gaim?


bodyvisual was talking to me and suddenly he sent me an image, and it worked!!!

I was truly amazed, I think he’s magical or something…

and gaim is like aim, most features work like aim and looks a bit similar, unlike trillian…

That’s why I like gaim. One thing that bugged me about trillian was managing buddies. I had display both offline and online contacts first before being allowed to reshuffle people. I have my buddy list maxed out most of the time, so it takes a lot of scrolling for me to do that. I prefer AIM/GAIM’s simple drag and drop method more :slight_smile:

yeah… that’s annoying, but I’ve named everyone on trillian and have more contacts than gaim willl allow, so I can’t really change even if I wanted too :frowning: