Trillian ROCKS

I was fed up with AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN and switching between them to talk to different people. Well, NO MORE! Trillian solved all my problems, including the need to send files from a firewall to people using a firewall, which can suck with AIM and ICQ, even with port triggering, forwarding, etc… I can now see all the people I know from any of those chat systems and chat with them.

Anyway, just thought I’d let you know, in case you dont know about this product yet. The basic version is free, and the pro version is only 25 bucks, which Im gladly sending to them.

find it here… trillian download

thanks for the info, i really get annoyed with aim, ALOT. lol im going to look into it am maby try it. :slight_smile:

You should definitly get it. It is really the best ever. You don’t want to miss it if you ever had it…

I’ve been using trillian since BETA. And yes it does rock and yes ditch your AIM, Yahoo, MSN, etc and get trillian

I tried trillan some time ago, it ****ed up my system :-\

i didnt like it. I really only use AIM and how that i got Dead AIM its so much better.

hm… maybe I should try trillian gain…

i stumbled upon this and seeing as i shamelessly promote softwar that i think highly of, i have to input here…

trillian is the BEST messenger EVER. i have been using it since i got on this durned thing called the internet and it has never failed. anYone i have showed trill has become a convert, too. and now, with pro, you can use webcams and everything else you can do on any messenger, so the complaint that “trillian cant do everything” is not valid anymore. in the beginnign they were having a few conntecting issues with AIM and maybe yahoo i think, or msn, because they kept (especially AIM) doing soemthing to boot trill users, but finally, we won the war and trillian conquered all and now i havent had a problem with connecting ever again. hehe, it was really funny for awhile though,
aim would rewrite their whatever, and us trillian users would be booted for a few hours, and then trillian would turn around and make a new version of it that overcame aim’s little blocking crap… this happened like every day for a short period…
dont worry, that was ages ago… all conflicts are resolved now. but that was just adding to the fuel with aim (i HATE, i say adamantly HATE their stuff… anyone wanna join in my boycott? hehe)

oh yeah… you can also use proxies w/ trill… another one fo the many bonuses

yeah, as stated before, I had three main problems.

  1. Some users I know are on AIM, others on MSN, others on Yahoo, others on ICQ, and yes… some on IRC. Jumping from one to another is a royal pain (obviously). This problem has been solved.

  2. If you’re behind a firewall and try to do file transfers in AIM, forget it… port triggering and port forwarding will work sporadically, by AOL’s own admition. Primarily, because they do not support NAT at all.

  3. Multiple chat engines? More base RAM taken up and more residents on your system tray. That was freed up as well.

I tried trillian a long long time ago, and it screwed up my system real bad.

But I recently downloaded it again about 2-3 months ago because I heard the new version fixed a lot of issues. The new version definitely did work better. It is a great asset sometimes :slight_smile:

i love it…

been using it 4 a while now and am able to use the one prog to see/talk 2 others on ICQ, AIM and MSN…

the talking thing is quite funny too but can get annoying after a while…

apart from that highly recommneded…

I think I might be the only person who hates the darn thing :slight_smile: I just dont like the usability of it. I really only chat on here, ICQ and MSN so having 2 programs open and a message board once in a while isnt really that bad.

Without taking anytime to look - what does the purchased version have that the free version doesnt? Is it worth it to buy it?

Add one more question to SureShot’s message:

  • OK, it has a webcam option, but is it working with the MSN webcam as well? Or does the other party need to use Trillian for this?

eh, I gave trillian a long time ago, and that’s when they had their connection issues with AIM, so I gave it up. Then I tried it again a couple of months ago, but I tried to use my webcam, and trillian didn’t support it. So I’m still using AIM. For my webcam, I use yahoo.

If any of these issues have been seriously resolved, i’d be glad to try trillian again.

i dont think you can use webcams with msn, only yahpoo. i could be wrong though

as for differences between purchased and non,
basically there’s webcam support, cooler animated emotes, 24 hr live tek support, yahpoo conferences, new interface, all issues that i’ve ever encoutered are now resolved… theres more, but if you wanna read it go here…
i think its worth it, 25 bucks is small change compared to what its worth in my eyes :slight_smile:
no more connectivity issues, webcam support, and cute little smileys that make noise and move. hehe. (you can disable em if you dont like em). oh, heres anOther cool feature about trill, it logs all of your conversations if you want it to to text files, so if you would like to have a record of soemthing, like for work related purposes, you can have an easy way to do it.

Webcams in MSN is possible, when having the latest version and XP…

oh, no, i meant the msn portion of trillian. sorry for not clarifying. or is that what you meant? hehe

Ah, I see, OK. No, this was not what I meant :wink:
No problemo.

hey if anyone is using it, try getting one of the “frequency” skins…
the beer emote has homer simpson going “beeeeeeeeer” and there’s also a butt emote…
perfect for when you feel the urge to poot on your freind hehe.

Useless Fact: Trillian is a name of a character from Douglas Adams’ Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

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