All the world loves a clone


No discussion/debate about Epi 2 yet?

Anyone seeing it tonight? (I am.)

Not going in with any expectations; just going to have fun and enjoy it at face value.

The force will be with you…always.


I think I’ll wait until the commotion has died down a bit… then I’ll see it. Anyway, go and come back with stories about the crazies you encounter this evening - even if you’re one of them. :stuck_out_tongue:

puts light saber away

hides Boba Fett mask

loses Chewbacca doll

Me, a freak? Nah…

Astromech Designer

I saw it last night (thursday) and it was so sick im mean yoda fights (he reminds me of cermitt on speed) in the last part of the movie i am going again to see yoda fight, ya the movie is that bad ass you have to go see it. STAR WARS RULES! Thank you mr.Lucas

Oh my god - t2d, I saw your comments about this movie in the good movies thread - that is sooo funny and more or less very true! ahahaha…

I saw it thursday night when it first came out, and oooohhh myyyy gaaawwwwddd! It is that @#%$ good. Yoda is the dude!!!


That seems to be the general consesus.

When I heard about Yoda fighting, I didn’t think they could pull it off. But I have to say, they did a spectacular job. Yoda kicked some serious @$$!

Piece of me, you want? Hmmm? Hmmm?


I saw it on VCD a couple of days before it came out. Yes yes, naughty I know. But my bloke obviously had too much free time at work and downloaded it, and I wasn’t really going to turn down the chance to watch Yoda kick butt.

It was better than Phantom Menace, but quite frankly that wasn’t difficult, was it? The actor playing Anakin was quite good - definite Dark Side undercurrents going on. But the dialogue between him and Padme… What on earth was going on there? Someone, please. Cheese alert.

Mercifully JarJar Binks was consigned to the scrapheap, making only a brief appearance. Honestly, whenever the CG **** even so much as opens his mouth, I want someone to lop his head off with their lightsabre.

Ewan McGregor is passable as Obi Wan, but he’ll never be Alec Guinness. And get rid of the mullet and beard.

Otherwise, niggles aside, it was quite enjoyable. The big fight scene with the Jedi in the arena was great. And as for Yoda… A little bird had told me that he got to have a ruck this time round, and we wondered quite how the teeny green monkey was going to attack anything other than Dooku’s ankles.

But yes, entertaining.

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