Allmost opening my site

good day members

would you mind check my allmost site and give your openion

please press here

thanks alot

my opinion is you need content. (theres nothing there)

where do you want to me to do the content on the button or in the site

404 yahoo

ah ha! i got it working now. you left www out of the link, thats why.

well, im sure your site is wonderful, but i have no clue what anything says once i load up the site.

you mean the content

if is so… it is in arabic

I think you want to open a window but it doesn’t work
I clicked on reload site but no reply

cool, that music sounds familiar :stuck_out_tongue:

hi T-O

the button reload site works fine no trouble at all

thanks for the visit


hi :mike:

that sound is from flash kit

thanks for the visit