Allowing background scaling, content not

I want to use a gradient as background for my flash movie, but I want this background to cover the whole browser’s window just like Adopt Design does it (check out Adopt Design). The content of the flash movie should NOT be resizable with the browser’s window though. So, I used this code:

fscommand(“fullscreen”, “false”);
fscommand(“allowscale”, “false”);
Stage.scaleMode = “noScale”;
sizer = new Object();
sizer.onResize = function() { = Stage.width; = Stage.height; = -((Stage.width-780)/2); = -((Stage.height-540)/2);

in the HTML file I did set the margins to 0pix and the SWF’s height and width to 100%.

But when I type in the address in the browser to open the page the first time, I see the flash movie in the center with white background around it anyway, and when I resize the browser’s window (even if just 1pix) everything is perfect. What’s happening?

check the problem in a JPG:

the site (notice what changes when you resize the window, after opening)