How is this done? Help required!

Hello, I’m new here, so hello everyone :alien2:

I would like to know if any of you know how to make this thing with the background like do. When you scale your window, the background automatically adapts itself to fit the new window size with no white gaps between the image and the browser’s window.

Does anyone have a clue on how this was done?

And is it possible to place a flash movie in a html page without the “white frame”, i mean, without that space between the animation and the browser limits?

Thanks in advance. Great site. Great help!

Don’t know about the resizing image.
But to remove the margin around an html page you need to alter the <body> tags or your css…

In the html change the bit that says:

<body leftmargin=“0” rightmargin=“0” topmargin=“0” bottommargin=“0”>

You may have known that so sorry if I’m stating the obvious!!!

you set the size in falsh under publish settings and then html and ther you chose demension to procent and it will be 100%*100% defolt. But how you set the size on the meny to not resize when you resize you browser i dont know to i rely wona know that. Is there eny body how knows this i wold be mor then happy. :evil2:

like this !!!

thanks anyway. I’m starting to understand that it will be a hard task to do this

if its something like this that you are after
then you need to look at the Stage object (Stage.onResize) and then just some simple easing equation.

could you plice send me the cood i am a beginner att flash and not so good.


i think ot’s something similar to this. did you went to That’s what I want to know how it’s done.

that´s exakly woth i wont to bur it´s seame to be mor dificult than i tought no one answers uss and can help uss whith whot we wont. But if i get the help i promis to send you a mail .


thanks nessie. i’ll do the same. If i can’t figure it out I probably won’t do it because I have timelines, but maybe in some other opportunity!

This might get you started, make your background image a movieclip, instance name mc.
on the timeline type
Stage.scaleMode = “noScale”;
Stage.align = “tl”;
this.onLoad = function () {
mc._width = Stage.width;
mc._height = Stage.height;
this.onResize = function() {
_global.change = function() {
mc._width = Stage.width;
mc._height = Stage.height;

when you publish - 100%-noScale-set margins as you wish

Thanks, but still isn’t working… :frowning:

it´s geat but now the movie:2 dono stay in its x,y place?

Hi guys,

looks like the background may be an invidual movie (loaded into a container clip on ‘main’ behind the navigation) and within the background movie itself the programmer has used the FS “allowscale” command?

Oh and for maximising flash to ‘extend to the limits of the browser’ check out:

that migth bee but how do you get the first movie to not resize while resizing the browser window ?

I got this from a nother forun but i dont get it mayby you cann figur it out?

Hi Mikael,
you do load the first with the size in the html object tag, usualy 100% * 100%.

Then you load new movies into an empty movie clip with this:

_root.createEmptyMovieClip(instanceName, depth);

Just replace my words with real values, and you will have what you’ve been asking for.