Alpha fade on shape tweens?!

I wish to have a flicker effect on something i am shape tweening. Usually i do alpha fade by converting to a symbol.

Can you do alpha fade on shape tweens without converting to symbol, or can you somehow shape tween symbols?!

Please help, i’m working on a cool effect :slight_smile:

Create a movie clip, and make a shape tween inside the movie clip. Drag it to main stage and alpha fade it.

Lets say my timeline is 100 frames long and that is the length it takes to tween my shape.

I want to fade in and in quickly every 5 frames or so.

If the tween was inside the movie clip, i would be alpha fading the ENTIRE tween as opposed to one bit.

Or am i talking nonsense?

you càn do an alpha-tween on shapes, you have to change the alpha of the fill and line-color and use a shape-tween

seticus rocks!!! :pope:

:rock: hey, i’ll draw a pixel character about that :slight_smile: thanks for the idea… :stuck_out_tongue: , glad I could help