||==Alpha Fade With Inertia==||

Well, I finally finished it and kirupa is probably pretty darn busy with school and everything to post it up now so I posted up a temporary page for the tutorial that can be located here:

Alpha Fade With Inertia Tutorial

Make sure to leave me some feedback on what is needs or what is good about it, thanks!

ooooo… I like it better with the inertia effect. Nicely done. I’ll go through the tut in the morning and leave you more feedback, but from what I see it looks good.

Hey, this looks much better! Code looks good to me, except that onLoad in the MX code that is unnecessary, you can just take it out. Actually, the whole script_clip is unnecessary, unless you did that to make your code more self contained.

pom :asian:

but does it help it to work in Flash 5.0 is the question. If so, leave it in with an explination as to how you can streamline it more if you’re working in MX. I’m starting to dislike the mass of tutorials that only work in MX. I can’t do em. :slight_smile:

onClipEvent(enterFrame) { }
Starts a movie clip loop which execute the code within the { } brackets every frame.

looks like a grammar error there, “which will execute”, or “executes”.

sorry to nit pick :stuck_out_tongue:

hey… language is important. If people don’t understand it when they read it, it’s usless. A lot of times I find myself skipping over something that I just do by instinct at this point. But if someone isn’t as far along then they may not do that by instinct.

Hence the beta testing. Good catch. :slight_smile: