Amazing thing happened today

I was in line at the supermarket today and I had all my things on the converyor belt and there was a lady in front of me who kept straring at me and I was getting a little nervous. She continues to stare at me and I keep looking the other way. Finaly she comes over closer to me and she says "I apologize for staring it must have been annoying, you look so much like my daughter who died, I just can’t take my eyes off you " there she proceeds to pull out a picture from her purse and shows me a picture of her daughter who died, who happens to look absolutly nothing like me. In fact she was white. Anyways we chatted abit and shes says “i’m sorry i have to ask you but would you mind as I leave the supermarket say goodbye mom to me. I know its a strange request but I haven’t heard my daughter say goodbye mom to me for such a long time, it would mean so much to me” and I said ok sure I can say that. So she gets all her groceries checked out and as she’s going out the door she waves at me and says “goodby daughter” and I say “goodbye mom”. Then she went.

So I get my few things on the conveyor belt there and the checker checks things out and so he give me the total and says it “479$”!! and I say how is that possible I only have some tuna fish, skin milk, mustard and a loaf of bread. He says “well your also paying for the groceries for your mother. she told me you would take care of the bill for her”. I say well thats not my mother and he says “well i distinctly heard her say as she left the store goodbye daughter and you say bye mom” and i say what are you trying to say here and finally realized. SO i look out in the parking lot there and she was just getting into a car so i ran out there. She was just closing the door an she had a bit of her leg sticking out there so I grabbed her leg and I start PULLING IT! …

just the way I’m pulling yours :stuck_out_tongue: lol (Tom Waits, 2006 Orphans and brawlers)

That amazing thing was that I bought his new Album today! Orphans and brawlers. Just came out last week I encourage you all to buy and listen to it. Entertaining artist entertaining man