America needs to adopt the metric system

…without making it look like the “metric people” were right all along.

Here’s my proposition:

  1. The yard will be redefined to be exactly the same length as a meter. If anyone asks, we can always claim that we came up with the length first but the French stole it.

  2. Since it would look like a concession if we adopted “kilo, deci, or micro”, we’ll need to come up with our own prefixes:

FreedomYard E6

LibertyYard E3

Yard E0

FrenchYard E -3

MetricSystemYard E -6

This will create interesting conversation when people ask why an American freedom yard is so much greater than a French yard.

Furthermore, the pound can be changed so that its the same as a kilogram, the BTU can be changed to joules, etc. :sigh: Besides, I have a nostalgia for American units, but they’re obnoxious when you want to do any calculations.