Analog Clock Tutorial

OK, pom suggested i make a tutorial for the Analog clock. Its not done, I still have to finish explaining the code, and i have to put in the right clock image and everything, but I need to know what you need from me Kirupa.\r\rand here’s what i have so far.\r\…orial.html\r\rlet me know what you think

Very good ! I made that clock in 3 minutes with your tutorial. However, you should put your own classy clock, it looks 1000 times better…\rBy the way, at some point, you say that we have to slide the hands of the clock : firstly, that’s already done in your source. Secondly, there’s a much more elegant and accurate way to do it : the Align tool (Ctrl + K). 6th button in the align line, 5th in the distribute line.\r\rOtherwise, it’s very very clear. Bravo mon petit. Keep it up for the rest of the explanation.\r\rpom 0]

oh yeah…forgot about the align tool. I’ll fix that later. And yeah i’ll put up the other clock. I was trying to just get the directions written and then put the images in later. Thanks pom.\r\r[I posted the classy clock. and I’ll fix the .fla when i get back from whereever it is that my friends are taking me.]

Pom, or anyone… do you think I should use my clock as the partial source? or just a basic clock as the partial source? oh well…let me know wut you think… \r\…orial.html

don’t do that ! Give people the raw material and let them create their own design…\rHave you finished it yet ??\r\rpom 0]

ok thats wut i thought. It will be finished within an hour.