Analog clock works but not successfull to align

analog clock works but I am not successfull in aligning clock hands with round background.
I followed all the instructions but hours , minutes and seconds hours are staggered in relation to the background.]

you need to explain a little more…which step is it that you are having trouble with?

make sure when you are giving the Movie Clips their X and Y values that you click the middle box of the thing that is next to the X and Y value boxes. Take a look at the tutorial again. Read carefully, and make sure you follow every step. Its all there. If you need more help post back, cuz I"m not really sure what you mean…

Hey people actually do your tutorial ! Not like mine snif:smiley:
Really, I hate to support Jubby, but his tutorial seemed quite clear. There must be something you misread, if there’s such word in English.

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you hate to support me?! what an a-hole…people do your tutorials…well, i do. I’m not sure about other people. I know LiveAcoustic used your slider tut…or something like that…

Hey, don’t take this the wrong way !! I hate to support you just a little bit. And maudit, I even made a nice (and sincere) compliment on your FIRST OF A LONG SERIES tutorial.

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I’m glad you’re doing my tutorials by the way. Did you try the last ones ? I’ve never felt as unable to explain something as when I wrote these. It was kind of pathetic… Anyway, tell me what you think about them if you get the chance.

Hey thank you all

I´ve already solved.


ps: If you like sugestions ,here it goes:

1- it could be included on the clock a function to chime at
every full hour , is it too dificult to be achieved ?

2- on my previous time of electronic engineering , quite a long ago , I was affected by the digital clock craze , so I designed and assembled dozens of different digital clocks with 8 segments led display , nixie , LCD etc, etc.
Why not to write a tutorial for a 8 segments led display or something alike ?

that’s actually pretty easy to do as well. The lines of a digital display could all be instances of a single movie clip with two states. The a/s involved in that would be pretty cool.

I like you’re idea about a chime every hour, and it kind of is inspiring me to do a little something. I’ll let you know how it turns out. As for the a/s involved, that’s easy to do. Marking every half hour isn’t even tough. I’ll work it out for you.

could take a couple days.

Thank you UPu

I am glad to learn I have not posted dumb ideas.
Let me know as you have news about that.



yeah chimes would be easy. i was thinking of doing a digital clock, but i got distracted by other things, and now I’m distracted by other things again.

ImNotJubba :lol: !

As for the person with the name which is far too long to spell out on a good day :slight_smile:

I was just thinking about this when I was going out for a smoke. I really am inspired by Newbies. You guys have no preconcieved ideas about what can and can’t be done… so when you think of something, it’s usually worth trying… if for no other reason than we may not have thought of it.

The only stupid idea is the one which is not explored… the only dumb question is the one left unasked.

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