Analog clock

Supra you said something in the Best of Kirupa forum about a psuedo analog clock…i was wondering if you could just give me a nudge in the right direction to creating my own clock. thanks if you can. I wouldn’t ask, but the link in the Best of Kirupa Forum doesn’t lead anywhere…i guess that post was deleted…

I changed a tiny bit the end of Supra’s script :

 &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp now = hours+":"+min+":"+sec+" "+ampm;\r\r&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp seco._rotation = sec*6 ;\r\r&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp minu._rotation = min*6 ;\r\r&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp hour._rotation = hours*30 ;

Where seco, minu and hour are 3 clips (the 3 sticks). Is that what you wanted to know ?\rpom 0]

well i wanted to know how to start to create the clock. and i guess what you gave will will put me on the right track…but can you tell me why you multiplied \r\rsec6\rMin6\rhour*30\r\r\rjust where you got those numbers from? and that will be good. i might be able to figure the rest out.\r\rNevermind Pom. thanks i understand now. that code helped a lot.

yeah i get it now…i was trying to use the setProperty function…i understand now why that won’t work…lol…ok thanks again.

Using setProperty isn’t wrong at all, it’s just that you can do exactly the same with the dot syntax.


is the same as what I wrote…\rpom 0]

well the way i was doing it it wouldn’t work for me…:slight_smile: but now I don’t know whats wrong with this…i can’t get it to work. should i have the 3 sticks inside of a larger movieclip that contains the code? \r\rok good. thats wut i’m doing…i must be missing something minor. Thanks pom…i’ll let you know how it turns out.

yep\rpom 0]

I did it!! YAY! i couldn’t figure out wut was wrong, i was getting the script right…but the MCs weren’t rotating right. Then i remembered to edit center.\r\r<embed src=“” height=200 width=200></embed>

Nice, not Jubba. I didn’t want to tell you that trick, or I would have spoiled your fun, don’t you think ?\rpom 0] \rBy the way, the hour stick should be smaller than the minute stick :smiley:

yeah i realized after i posted. but i figured oh well…i made a new one anyway…:slight_smile: thanks again POM

well can u get me the link from where we can create a clock aor some tutorial some where coz i need to create one badly and i serached kirupa but that post is not there plssssssss help me on this\rthnx in advance \rEbu

Jubba wrote a great tutorial about it !\rpom 0]

Hey EBU… heres the link to the tutorial:\r\…orial.html\r\rthat should help you.

nice Tut “not juba”, I will play with that later :slight_smile:

Nice tutorial, Not Jubba. I went through it and then advanced it a bit further to create this…\r\r<embed src= quality=high bgcolor=#FFFFFF WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=100> </embed>\r\rIt seems to work for the most part. =)

you were supposed to advance it. thats the point. :slight_smile: thats why the FLA i provided was just a bare minimum. nice clock

What do you mean, for the most part ?? Looks fine to me…\rpom 0] \rBy the way, I read somewhere that you could do the clock using the internal clock of the server, so that it gives the exact time of the server, not the time of your computer, that may be, well, wrong. PHP involved…

Thanks a lot Jubba! The tutorial is now up on the site. You can view it from anywhere :slight_smile: \r\rNEXT UP: Pom’s tutorial and files!


Did the same to me… :smiley: \rpom 0]