And Macs are supposed to be better?

Man i have a Mac ibook with MacOS 9.2 which crashed during te installation fo a program and now the blasted thing wont even bootup, ive tried everything i zapped the pram, i turned off extensions ive even tried to friggin erase teh [email protected] but she wont let me i mean wtf in windows i just press f8 and select safe mode or just select choose last known configuration in winxp get rid of the problem and my pc is up and running again.

Now wit this piece o crap the only thing in my mind that will fix this is taking it apart AGAIN find a win laptop which i can open so i can hook up this hd and low level format it or do a fdisk on it so then i can have this blasted Mac recognize the [email protected] drive, either that or find a hd converter so i can hook it up to my pc and do this or just get a new friggin hd which i am not going to do cause i only use this mac for testing webpages and i gave it to my girlfriend so she could use it and lo and behold the [email protected] went on and died on me. Friggin piece of $h!t