And the SPAMMER award goes to:

the other day, Phil recommended a little contest to see how much spam could be spum and be lost to the move…

         start         finish old     today SPAM lost

lost 10955 11164 10914 -250
philbo 4910 5240 4841 -399
rev 2693 2813 2679 -134

Phil Jayhan is the SPAM king…

Way to go Philbo…



You deserve it my man, congrats!

i’m feeling competitive here…

221-166 = 55

Not as many as others, but I was like butta - on a roll! :wink:


thats not entirely true. most of the people up there do help people like me out =)

on 2nd thought…nevermind. 399 posts is a whole lot more than
55. haha

nice! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey! Where’s my name… I know I had more than 150 hehe…

I came back down to 990 posts and I was soemwhere around 1150 or 1200. :slight_smile:

i didnt even know about the move then lost 100 real posts…grr. lol oh well! what are you going to do?

see? haha


the great thing, is that we know for a fact that all of Philbo’s was … conversationalizing…


but rev am i still spaminator? :frowning:

of course mike…

tho Aislin is trying real hard…


Is he ever…:eye:

[COLOR=fofofo]how many posts do i have now???

[EDIT]mmm 2611?? i thought that i had less than that…[/COLOR]

2611 lol. but i was first rev! he can be Jr. Spamminator tho…or spaminator in training…