Animated rollover using animated gif


I am brand spankin new to this forum :slight_smile:

I want to make a rollover button in flash using a animated gif…
is this possible?

i will explain

I made a simple gif that would be the button in idle position.

then i made a animated gif of same picture with edges starting to glow (the glow fades in, its only like 7-8 frames) i wanted this to come on in the originals place so it looks like the word home is glowing

i cannot figure it out. I am a photoshop guru, but am still taking baby steps in flash.

the reason i made button in photoshop is beacause you can make it look a lot cooler than with vector graphics(unless u wanna spend a lot of time making it look like metal)

can someone please help!!

I will atach my gifs so u can see if you can do it!!


here is the glowing mouse over part

i made it crappy so it could fit on forum