Animated text

I have been doing the animated text tutorial, cos I just love the way you can get the text to appear in and do all kinds of fun things.
What I really want to do though is to have different lines with different font sizes.
However my actionscripting is as yet fairly limited, so I can’t work out how to do this. I thought I could turn the script into a movie symbol and do it that way but it doesn’t seem to work and I am not sure what else to try.
Any assistance would be much appreciated.

how exactly do you want your animation to be played.Becouse the possibilities with Action Script are endless

Here is a fla of what I have managed to do so far and here is a swf of something like I want it to end up looking but with the text coming in in an animated way like the first file. This one is just done using masks and I felt there must be a more elegant solution using action script.
Actually this is the first time I have used this forum and I can’t see how to put an attachment in so I will email it instead.