Animated text

i’m having trouble animating text. I want to make period “.” go up and down after the word "Loading. . . " how do I do that?

But I think what you want to do is set the period as a seperate set of text from the word “Loading”, then convert said period to a movie clip. Edit the movie clip and use motion tweens to move it up and down.

Does that help?

If you want to do that with 3 periods (which I can picture better than with one, so I’m assuming is what you want), just do the same thing but have 3 different period movie clips, each one starting its ascent and descent about two frames before the one after it (so the first one would start off in mid-ascent), thus making it look like a wave.

You have to separate Loading and the dots. Simply write “Loading” and then open a new text area, write a dot in it, select it with the arrow tool, turn it into a Movie Clip (F:cool: you’ll call “dot”, edit this MC (Flash should make it automatically). Go to frame 5, press F6 in your timeline, go to frame 10 and press F6 again. In the 5th frame, select your dot and use your keyboard arrow to move it up a little bit. Then when you think it’s enough, right click between the 1st and 5th image in your timeline, and select Tweening Motion. Do the same between the 5th and the 10th. Now if you test it, you should see Loading with a dot next to it going up and down. open the libraby (Ctrl + L), right click on the dot MC and duplicate it twice, giving the whichever name you want. Put the two other dots on the stage. Then play with the frames of your MCs to make the dots jump at different moments.

When you’re done and satisfied, I suggest you select your text and your dot with the arrow tool and turn them into a MC, so that you can use it more easily.

Hope it helped.