Animating an animated GIF

I have an animated GIF:…nghead.gif
I just want to set a motion guide for it, but it doesn’t seem to work to well. I can’t set one coninuous motion tween, which I apparently need.

I think what you have to do is turn that .gif into a movie clip. then attach the movie clip to a motion guide.

  1. press cntl+f8 and make a new movie clip and name it “dog”
  2. import the animated.gif
  3. on the main time line add the MC dog on its on layer
  4. make a new layer by right clicking on the dog layer and select ‘add motion guide’ this makes a new layer that will act as a guide to the dog layer.
  5. next draw a path with what ever tool you want such as the pen tool.
  6. after you get the path done you will need to attach the clip to the path, this is done by selecting the clip and click and drag the center of the clip (where you see the tick or small cross hairs) to the path; when you start to drag the clip the tick will turn to a small circle; and when you drag it over the path you made it will turn into a bold circle. when that happens it means you have attached it to the path correctly.
  7. add add a keyframe 20 frames later.
  8. on the 20th frame select the MC and move it to the other end of the path make sure that you see the circle change to the dark circle.
  9. right click on any frame between the two keyfames just made and select motion tween.
  10. Press cntl+enter to preview it.

Hope this helped,
Good luck, Matt