Animating the drawing of Complex curves / Handwriting

Hey guys,
I’ve been looking at this forum and this site for some time now and am simply amazed at plethora of information that is available here.
Plus it seems to be a good community to be a part of :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying to solve a seemingly simple animation problem for some time now.
How can I make it so that a complex curve is shown drawing on the screen ?
Like an invisible hand drawing smooth spirals and parabola.

Basically I want a dot to traverse a complex curved path (That branches off once or twice) and this I can do with Motion guides I know;But how do I make the path “drawn” after a part of it has been traversed by the dot.
Is frame by frame animation the only way ?

If I failed to make much sense, kind of like Animation of text to give the illusion that it is being “written” on screen, only for curved paths.

Thanks guys :slight_smile: