Animation how to question

I was trying to practice my animations and thought it would be neat to do this but I’m not sure where to start. A push in the right direction would help me. Any ideas….?

Have a picture of a persons head pop out of a torn paper type image on the screen.

I think I need…

Transparent image, mask of some type, torn image, tweening, and maybe some sort of message box.

The main hang up I have is how to make it look like it is popping out of the torn image.

I sure hope this isn’t in a TUT…:run:

Um, well i’m not 100% sure about what you want be this is what i think you can do.

One a layer have a tween of your head moving up. Use a mask so that you only see the top half of the torn page, and then on another layer have a duplicate of the torn page, put this as the lowest layer.

Or something like that, if i get bored later i’ll make a fla example.


Jolly good idea, thanks.

Got bored.

Got class too. Thank you!:slight_smile:

I was off browsing Flash beginner books… really.

Thanks and your welcome. :slight_smile: