Anime, RPG, Illustrations for Broadband Users

This message has been updated. People who doesn’t want to load everything at once, please read my note below

If you’re into animes or RPG games, please check my site out and tell me what you think. It is a long load, which I know many people dislike, but if you have the time, please review it and critique it anyway. Mouse navigation is very minimal, because it uses keyboard for most stuff. Approach the website as if you’re about to play an RPG game such as Final Fantasy. It comes complete with an opening, a gameplay middle, and a 5 minute animated ending for those of you who enjoyed the site to stay long enough to go through each section and gather all the clues. I hope you enjoy.

Turn your speakers on.
People who wants to see what the site is like, without having to wait for all the sections to preload, you now have a choice to load each section on the fly: