I'm a little flasher... only need your opinions

abaout the desing!..couse is a spanish site…\rcome on, take a look…\r\rwww.joss.hn \r

I MISS THE HTM… part…here is the very thru link!..\r\rwww.joss.hn

I like the design, but unfortunately the site is difficult to navigate. The buttons are almost hidden, and you don’t have preloaders, so we never know if we actually pressed a button, or the background :smiley: \r\rIt’s too bad because the site looks really good, and especially that rain effect. Really neatto.\r\rpom 0]

YES!..my frend!.. this site have a lot of fxs… and wen the tex come out!.. the animation of the rain!.. go very slowli…(how spell tat??)… well firsT!..(1)… i made a mistake, i’m supose to add this new topic, in the tes site!.. on top of cool sites!.. then i have a problem whit this preloader… i fixet allreay but, i’m changing the desig, couse tat rain fx is very cool but it’s doin slowli (:frowning: ) my animation!..\r\rtanks for replay my frend!..and sorry to all, this is no a submision!.. for site of the week!..\r\rsalUT!\rJOSS

It’s spelt “slowly”, to help you out.\r\rThe site’s really cool, but I’ll admit that it is kind of hard to navigate… Maybe if there were words or something on the buttons, like bending around the circle or something… I dunno…\r\rI love the bouncing balls, though.