Another 24-7media Popup?

Check it out: - for those who have a pop-up blocker on, the exact link is

It says “Don’t Steal” 3 times. It says “Don’t suck” 1 time I’m guessing.

That guy on the left has a star necklace (ultrashock logo) on his next.

Also says “disgUSting” - US meaning Ultrashock I’m guessing.

Any guesses what smoukicks is?

Probably you can rearrange that to spell something else.

umm also dosnt it say

“great find Goten…” , thanks boss""

goten is a mod over at ultrashock i am aware of

And the big guy is miko, owner of ultrashock. D*mn 24-7media could make good political cartoons.

Wow it’s like a little nerd war. Hillarious.

There should be a page that describes this war. How it started, who the players are, different battles, ect.

brrzd - deja vue
tell me if I’m wrong, but I guess we had a thread like that some days ago.

…with the difference that those are no nerds, but professionals who make each other’s business harder with every action like that.

all i can say is do it to it Ingo - you da man.

the music on that site is amazing…

The word smoukicks appears also in the website in the section about the company. Look below the scrambled word thank you.

Yea I saw that. Very weird.

hahaha I didn’t even notice the fart sound if you click on the popup.


this has been brought up before and out of respect to Ingo i am closing the thread. Last time we had to move it into the land of misfit threads and we dotn want to have to do that again.

Yea guys, please stop with all this 24-7 Media hype. :slight_smile: