247media down?

Can someone else check if 247media’s SWF is loading cause my computer isn’t loading it.

If it is down, does anyone else know why? Thanks


It didn’t load for me earlier while I was browsing the Kool Sites forum, and it doesn’t load for me now either :slight_smile:

24-7 was hacked recently. There were rumors spread from ultrashock that caused Ingo to lose lots of money. Miko wanted Ingo to design UltraShock2.0 and since he refused his site was hacked. Ingo said he won’t be stopped until miko is sued. He also said lawyers can close down ultrashock.

This is what I heard. I’m not accusing anything or taking anyones side. You can go over to the DQS lounge and read the thread Ingo posted. DQS will be closing but some people are thinking of continuing their community and relocating it.

Don’t worry too much about this situation, just glad we’re not in it ;).

pretty serious stuff

what is 247’s link?

24-7media.de, is Ingo 247 and Mike ultrashock? Thats some crazy stuff sharif, thx for lettting us know whats going on.

o, and what were the rumors?

Yes Ingo is 24-7’s owner and Mike is Ultrashocks. And no problem.

Can’t tell you the rumors, might be fake or just false information I wouldnt be sure about.

But - some rumors were such as Ingo using googles images and ripping images and so on and so forth.

I heard that Miko hasn’t been online since the incident.

I really didn’t want to get involved and put my nose in this, so if some things I said were wrong, please feel free to correct me.


I am sure the rumors are flying out there all over the place, but please PLEASE. Remember they are just rumors.

But with that said, it is rediculous to even think that Miko or Ultrashock would hack a site to take it down. What would they profit from doing that? And btw… Miko has been online many times since then, just not today as he is spending time with his family. :smiley:

No doubt things will be resolved and the people with integrity will rise to the top, but again there is no need for these crazy rumors of hacking and conspiracy.

Um, well it’s already decided that their’s going to be a lawsuit as far as I know. And I wouldn’t disagree with the reefster, he knows [SIZE=6]ALL[/SIZE] :P, but seriously, this is real

Go have a look at the ultrashock thread that seems to be in question.


The accusations about using images from google are there, including some examples and sources, such as this mermaid.

I don’t really see what there is to sue about other than some people being indecently enthusiastic about chasing down some of these images. If there is a lawsuit then it must be about something else.


I think trilogy said it best

"Hey, it’s only a mockup! Besides that, F12 (creator of www.saintsandsoldiers.com) and 24-7 have worked together in the past, and F12 is also moderator at the DQS forum that is run by Ingo.

This whole thread is plain ridiculous. It’s just Miko’s paranoia against Ingo. "

The thread looked like it was riddled with immature posts from people who didn’t understand what was going on. Overblown. Big Time.

The whole thing could certainly do with some clarification and wrapping up, but I think it’s equally silly to suggest that miko hacked 247.

That www.saintsandsoldiers.com sure is a nice site though :slight_smile:


That was a good read. Wow PixelRanger, US & DQS altogether. Internet wars have started !

No, I didn’t mean Miko hacked 24-7. When 24-7s site was hacked it said “Don’t Be A Googler” on it. I think Miko might’ve hired a professional to do it. I’m not accusing him though since I don’t know what really happened.

But remember, Ingo said rumors were started and that’s what cause him to lost his money. Either way, what happened was wrong. Miko even posted in the thread that you guys linked that he was a ripper and a lame designer and lost all respect.

Who cares if Ingo made a mock-up? It’s a mock-up! I do mocks all the time. Just not whole sites. Mock-ups are for practice. 24-7media has a mock-up of nsync.com that I saw that they posted in their portfolio, once again all to practice…

And thanks BP :P.

But he showed the mock up to a client.

Anyway, I don’t think it’s a rip. They’re just not similar enough. Inspiration, maybe, but rip, no. (<-- Lotsa commas hehe :P). And who knows about the google images, maybe they were just similar, or maybe he paid the photographer or owner of the site or asked for permission. Who knows? But based on the contents of that thread alone, I don’t see evidence of a rip.

Sorry if I sound stupid here, but what’s wrong with taking images from google? It’s made so you can take images from.

If I take images from sxc does that mean I’m ripping from them?

no matter if hacked or not,
I think Ingo aka “Deepcode” is making the best out of the situation:
site is up again, and 24/7 media V2 is coming this fall.

He will definately have to put a lot effort in it, but it’s a good chance to leave the bad reputation behind and start over again.

Imo Deepcode is a great designer, but reusing googled images or ripping parts of other pages is probably not the smartest thing you can do as a designer that is watched by thousands of others, especially if you have as many enermies and enviers as he seems to have.

btw.: kind of sad if DQS won’t exist anymore. I remember seeing a lot of kirupeans over there.

taking images from google is fine if you use them for non commercial work.
as soon as you use them for work you want to sell to a client, you need the permission of the owner. nothing wrong if you respect those rules

Let me just tell you, it’s too sad…

Please don’t tell anyone I told you this but…

Yes julian, datapimp julian, DATAPIMP…is thinking of continuing DQS :sigh:. He loves to put his nose in things and bother Ingo.