(another)Girl trouble thread

I guess its my turn for one of these :slight_smile:

About a year ago I started talkingt to this girl over msn. We talked quite a lot over the year but the last 2 months we’ve been talking pretty much everyday. We decided to meet eachother last friday. She lives about 2 hours from here and took the buss.

We really got a long great, we rented a movie but only saw about a third of it, then we started talking through the rest of the movie. We talked all night and cuddled in the bed.

Now the thing is about 3 days before we met she told me that she had been seeing some other guy. Everytime I ask her what type of relationship she has towards him the answer is “I don’t know” and she gets kind of annoyed.

Since our ‘date’ I asked her if she wanted to see me again and if she wanted to see me just as a friend or if there might sometime in the future be something more. She told me she doesn’t know yet, she wants to be friends. That we could see eachother some more and then see. A sensible answer I thought. Then I asked her about the other guy, I told her that she kind of seemed to be his girlfriend, and if that was the case she should just tell me and I wouldn’t have to think about it. She said “I dont know, its kind of complicated, lets just be friends till later and then we’ll see”.

Now the thing is that I really like her. I mean I’ve had a crush on lots of girls. But this is not like that. I know her really well since we’ve talked for over a year. She has pretty much everything I want in a girl. And I’ve just become really scared that all of this will go bad. We get along really really well. It’s just that I’m afraid that she’s into that other guy a lot more than me.

He has problems with alkohol aswell, and seems to be a little bit of a “bad guy”. Which her last boyfriend was aswell, I comforted her various times when he got into trouble and even thrown into jail once.

I guess I’m just afraid that I will end in some type of “friend zone” where I’ll see her go through these bad guy boyfriends while I’m stuck in “friends till later” forever.

I’m just at a loss her cause I really *really *like her. What should I do?

and oh, she might be comming over here for new years eve, me and my friends are having a party at my house. Otherwise I’m going to see here some time after that.