Another mask problem

Hey guys.
i have a small problem. I have created a mask. The color of the graphic in the mask layer is the color of the layer layer which is masked, or am i wrong?
anyways, i made a graphic in the which is the mask. the graphic has different kind of colors. So when it go’s over the tekst, it should appear in different colors, right? well it isn’t.
how can i make it that also the colors change with it?
i alreade tried to break the mask appart, but that also didn’t work…


unmask, switch layer order, mask

thanks alot man.
i thought that if i could see the text, the order was good, but if you think a bit further, you also see the text if you switch the layers.


**** it,
when i watch the movie, the mask is gone. if i play it step by step in flash it self the mask works great…

what if after you made the mask you made a seperate transparent image to be viewed in the selected area to represent the colors.

sorry, dunno what you mean…
i must create a transpirant graphic, and put it in the same layer of the tekst, over the tekst?

Embed your fonts


sorry for the n00b question,
how do i embed fonts :S

[dutch]Geeft niet[/dutch]
Select your textfield, goto the properties window, on the right you see a button character, click on that and select all characters (or one of the options)
I think that should work, if not post your .fla;)


god****it, i even can’t find the charactar option. it’s just not my day… :frowning:

i post the .fla
in the libary are 2 movies, fall1 fall2. in those movies there should be a mask…

You couldn’t find it, because you’re using static text. The character-but is there only in the dynamic mode.
Normally it should work, with static text Flash embed the font for you. But… you’re using device fonts, they’re not embedded. Instead of the “_typewriter” you could use the “courier”, also a monospaced font. Then it will work;)


thanks a lot, that did the trick!!

You’re welcome:thumb: