Another Photoshop book question.... help me please

I recently bought Learn Photoshop CS in 24 Hours (or something like that). It was the only Photoshop book my my local bookstore :frowning: but anyway. This seems to just show you how to modify photo’s but I want to know how to make web graphics like the unbelievable . I know that it is probably a 1000 times harder but I am a freshmen in highshcool so i figure it would be awesome to start learning now and in colledge maybe senior or junior year, be really experienced in Photoshop.

So does anyone know a good book that shows you how to create graphics, not just edit photos. I seem a lot of awesome designs made just in Photoshop and I want to know what book to get that shows how to make these great graphics. Thanks for reading all this.



in my opinon learning photoshop is a matter of trial or error; LOTS of practicing around, playing with all the button; recreating graphics such as the site you just posted; not playing with filters too much and being really attentive to what’s going on on the net…

For the site you poster - he most probably use vector shapes for the borders (im talking about the splash screen) brushes for the grungy looking thing in the middle, shadow effect…

for the site itself some 3d, okay filter blending options (using a good mixture of inner shadow, inner glow and eventually gradients on top of it ) the rest are vector shapes (probably) maybe done in Illustrator/flash but with color effects in flash/PS (look at the gradient)

make sure you have agood color theme - an overall idea that doesnt get screwed from one page to another

my best advice is to press each and every button in PS to see what it does =) !

i don’t have any advice for you as far as photoshop books go but. I sure hope it won’t take you 7-8 years to become expirenced at photoshop :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, what advantes does Illustrator have, I mean I recently purchased both Illustrator and Photoshop (don’t ask why) and people have recently been telling me that Photoshop can do anything and more that Illustrator can do but it takes up more memory. Cna you explain the advantages of Illustrator.

Illustrator is awesome, i use it as much as i use photoshop. Like ive told you before, I use illustrator for things that need to be crisp, rescalable, and loseless, like producing logos, and concept layouts. illustrator is overall better than photoshop in handling vector graphics and typography.

Your question has been answered many times,
here is a good link