Best photoshop book

I am new to Photoshop and am looking for the best book. Although I am new I dont want to be reviewing the different buttons of a tool bar for 300 pages if you know what I mean. I have a background in VB, Flash, some Javascirpt, and a small amount of C++ so in general I am not a computer noob so please dont recommend books for your friends mom (that was a joke, just making sure no one get pissed off :wink: cough Rev cough).

Please let me know if therer is any good DVD or CD’s included (or seperate for that matter) in the book. I think if I could just watch someone use photoshop that would be EXTREMELY useful but I live in a stupid southern town where no one knows how to turn on their monitor lol.

O and by the way I would be using Photoshop to design websites and use for some of my visuals in Flash. I also recently bought the CS version, i though you should know unless this might change which book I should get. Thanks for reading all this :slight_smile: