Another preloader problem

I am using this tutorial.

And I am getting the same problems that other people on this forum were talking about. The preloader doesn’t load until the SWF file is 90% loaded.

I tested the movie with the bandwith profiler and I noticed that the animation stays at frame 0, until 90% loaded, then it loads.

I tried a few different tutorials and they all did the same thing.

All the other postings about this subject end, it seems, without a conclusion…

Is your preloader on a separate scene?

If it is, try moving it onto the same scene. I think that’s what was wrong with mine.


i tried that, but I’ll for sure try it again. I noticed that you posted with the same problem on some forums previously, but I didn’t see any final post saying you figured it out.

I’ll try tputing it into the same scene and get back to you.

didn’t work :frowning:

I also tried all the flash MX preloader Components I downloaded, none of them worked either…

I’m so confused…

I figured it out. When I was assigning instances and making movie clips out of images, I was automatically assigning Export to Actionscript and the Export to first frame was automatically checked.

I stopped doing that well into my project (this is my first flash project). So I had all these movie clips hidden in folders that had export to first frame checked, my first frame was the same size as the whole comp!!..