Another question on linking flash buttons

[FONT=arial][SIZE=1]I already read the tutorial on how to link Flash buttons, and I can do this successfully with buttons that don’t move (buttons that only change color, not size.) The problem is, my flash buttons contain moving parts, so when I try to click the “on mouse event” action, it won’t let me because it dims out. Is there any way to get my flash buttons to link to a url, or will I have to settle with non-moving buttons?[/SIZE][/FONT]

You can place a invisible button over the exsiting one and like it. Just make a button and change the alpha to 0 and place it over the one you had before. Hope that helps. =)

[SIZE=1] [FONT=arial]Oh okay… :slight_smile:
Well I guess I have to work on that… I have no idea how to go about that… Would I have to create a new symbol that is going to be a part of my links? Or start fresh with another new symbol? Ahh, it is apparent I am confused by the way I’m typing, I apologize.[/FONT] [/SIZE]

could you post your fla so I can take a look at it? maybe i can help. =)