Another site by me!

plz let me know wut you think about this one…i made a new one because of wut u guys told me. thanks for your feed back.\rthe url is still the same.\r

Nice improvment!! I could read everything. I liked the transition between the different sections. now the only thins I would have to say is that instead of loading the entire scene after each button press why don’t you just load a move into the right section. this is just a preference that I have that all.\r\rLiked it :smiley: \rMatt

i did this for a reason bacause the freggin flash file was like 444k/b all toghether… so it would take a long time for it to load, people would complain that it takes a a long time to load. I tried to make the the lowest size possible but…it is still big. so that is the reason. But there is a problem with this, stupid geocities doesnt offer much dat transfer. so the site may become temporaly unavailble some times if a person looks at it too much in that hour. CAn you offer some suggestion? maybe u know of another free web hoast that offers unlimited dat transfer…

Sites might say they offer unlimited data transfers but if you are up there they will tell you to stop it. I just got a site at for free not to bad they give you 100megs of space but not a lot of transfer. but for what I do it will be fine. it does give you an option of either having a banner or a pop. but if your will to pay they will get ride of it.\r\rGood Luck,\rMatt