Another Site Design Idea

Whaddaya think?

Suitably angelic? And yes, before anyone asks, that <i>is</i> me in the corner image type thing. Beware.

And now let me remember to attach the .swf.

It won’t do anything yet I hasten to add, it’s just a design.

awww… how cute :stuck_out_tongue:

Just one thing… don’t make it resizeable…! :slight_smile:

On my monitor (1280x1024), the buttons are HUGE! But if i size the window down it looks descent! :slight_smile:

Excellent blend of angles… that looks so sweet…! :stuck_out_tongue:

Do they? I’m running at 1142 x 846 resolution and they’re OK… I’ll try running it higher, see what happens. As far as I was aware, it wasn’t supposed to be resizeable… Hmmm. It’s one of those ones that sits in the middle of a black HTML page.

really? Well, did u publish it WITh a html page?

'Couse I only got the swf… try attaching the html doc too…

Haven’t done the HTML page yet, but that’s the idea. At least it all stays in proportion at higher resolutions, even if it does ake the buttons look huge.

hey, can i have the fla?? I just thought of something… :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t worry, I won’t mess it up! :slight_smile:

just adding a little something… If I can…

Sure… I’ve attached it here.

There’s no real functionality on it or anything, just playing around with design ideas. If you’ve got any animation type ideas then feel free to suggest. :slight_smile:

oki! :stuck_out_tongue:

got it now… Just gotta get some breakfast first… (it’s 2 PM here in dk! :P)

I love sleeping in… every day… well not for much longer… but that’s a totally different story…

I’ll only add something graphical for now, maybe I’ll add some animation at some point… :slight_smile: If u don’t do it first… lol

Cool. :slight_smile:

I’ve added a slow moving cloud to the side image now, and that looks quite nice.

And it’s 1pm here. Time for me to go off to a big corporate meeting and present some new website ideas to a lot of old men who don’t know what a ‘gif’ is…

Hahaaa! lol

Well… have fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yeah. Cracking…

Hi Kitiara,

what were Espresso like to work for - my email’s disabled but you can send me a PM if you feel libellous.

Here kit! Dunno if it matches your “no wings, no halo” motto thing… i realized that AFTER I’d made it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I still think it looks cool… AND hella angelic!!

Screenshot of your fla: kit_fla screenshot

I had a ball making the new jpg in the back! :stuck_out_tongue:

Really! :slight_smile:

I must’ve looked at this 20 times in the last 2 hours… I am in deep awe of myself right now…

Didn’t know I had this in me…

(Just for the sake of it, I did NOT draw that angel myself… I found it lying somewhere in my document folder (which could REALLY need cleaning up)… :stuck_out_tongue:

Way cool. :slight_smile:

How’d you guess I like manga artwork? Huh? I didn’t think it showed anywhere. :slight_smile:

uuuh, sixth sense i think! :stuck_out_tongue:

i’ll make this fla available for dowload shortly. just gotta wake up first…

here’s your fla… neatly organized in layers… with the new angel bg too…

Got it.

Tell you what, how about making this the next scripting contest? Sort out Kit’s website. :slight_smile:

HA! :stuck_out_tongue:

You should see some of my fla’s… the libraries aren’t even sorted!

All messed up… hundreds of objects… lol