Need design Opinions

Hello all, I need some oppinions on my new site design.

Im only working on the Html side right now, so thats the only link you can click on… and only my resume and my “home” is working, i just wanted to see if people like this new design. =)

I appreciate any input,


BTW, the flash side will be cool , with the same kind of style as the Html side =)) Gonna rock!

15" monitor @ 1024x768:
only text i can read is the center part, left and bottom unreadable!
Dark, but nice…

Fixed it, looks a bit better too =)
Text should be readable on the left. =)

Yep it’s nice. I like it, even though I find it a bit dark too.

pom :asian:


Love the entrance, “my destiny” idea works for me. I am a newbie to this but I am getting there, keep the dark look; its mystirious, I like it. How about using Adobe ImageReady for and some animated lighting effects to contrast the dark to surprise your visitors. The results can look the same as basic Flash.

I’m working on a website at the moment and can’t decide whether to do a totally flash, html ect or do both. Thanks for your inspiration Raydred.

I think it is nice, but why don’t you have kirupa under your flash resources links???

*Originally posted by Marc *
I’m working on a website at the moment and can’t decide whether to do a totally flash, html ect or do both.
Tell me about it…

Well i put the and at the top cause its cooL! it should be under flash resources though hehe.

Thanks marc, glad i could be a point of inspiration =)

Thanks all for your Genuine Input =)

hehe, put it in both!

I like it. Dark stuff is cool. :slight_smile:

Only thing I’d change would be that I’m not keen on Times New Roman as a font, I prefer Arial or Verdana. Would go with your banner more.

Thanks Kit i wasent really diggin the Times new Roman font either, but thought it might be standard to leave it hehe =)

But I changed it and looks better now =) Verdana =)

BTW click on the Pan Handling Ad, its something goofy i made a while ago ( the graphcis I made today, but the radio ad I’ve had for a while) =)

We like Verdana. :slight_smile:

At least I do. I’m trying to persuade people here to use it on the company intranet, but they’re being more than a little stubborn… :evil:

Oh, and sorry to be picky, but I think you’ve got a typo - should it be ‘Aspirations’? Or is that just the English way of spelling things?

I’m never sure. I have horrendous difficulties with MS products spell checker. They don’t like the word ‘colour’ (there’s a ‘u’ in it, I tell you!) and as for getting words with ‘ise’ / ‘ize’ in…

Hey Kit, I’ve just noticed your location: Purgatory (UK). :stuck_out_tongue: It reminds me of the movie Snatch, did you see it? There’s this American Jewel dealer who comes to England for business. In the airport back home, he’s asked:

  • Anything to declare?
  • Yeah. Don’t go to England.

I just love that line!

pom :asian:

Yep, I loved that movie. Not at all because of Brad Pitt getting his shirt off. :slight_smile:

England is probably pretty weird for anyone who isn’t used to living here. I wouldn’t really want to live anywhere else, but we love to complain about the weather / politicians / house prices / celebrities / Government cover-up / Government U-Turn / current affairs / football supporters / the North (delete as applicable).

Well I like it. I imagine that although England and America are quite similar, in a lot of ways they’re very different, and that’s the stuff you notice. :slight_smile:

Aspirations… yea thats the US way of spelling it… hehe jk =)

I’ll have to fix that one =) im knoght gud at speling… hehe jk =)