Not so much a site.. but

hey guys… i been workin on a super low res, smooth lookin site… and i ned some input… the designs aer my own design i have been doin for years… and i want to achieve that “same color” “clean/professional” look… like’s… well its small size so far from what i have been workin on… i brought it down form 45k to 20ish… here, its nothing yet but check it out and gimme some critiqe, or drawings/sketches of ideas… anythign i can use to make it somethign that would attract attention. thanks

oh BTW i need to make it open up from another website… when u click on a splash screen… and open to a desired size with no menu bar and no resizing option [which i know kirupa made a tutorial for]

its real size is around 800 x 400 or something

i also want the black design to move from left to right and right to left or something continuously. any help woudl rok… thanks

I love it. The design is very sweet looking. I can imagine that menu in 3 dimensions though.

Very organic.

Which is of course a compliment.

Remember that some flash effects can be sweet and low rez. I have a pulse on my web site that I ended up using a dozen times just because the animation was simple, and it was only 1 k per pulse.

I think your menu should have some sort of smooth flowing circular movement to it.

:slight_smile: all in all, coming along sweeeetly.

I agree with upuaut8, the animations looks really nice. A nice 3D effect for the menus might look nice!

wow dude… i really like the drawings… m a frequent graffiti drawer myself and those drawings are really smooth… keep up the good work!

wow… really? kewl… ok guys… u can help me design it then =] here is my thoughts… for the right hand side… some sort of graphic [prolly a larger version of the border designs so only two pieces show] faded out [i traced bitmap so i should be able to mess with them right?] and… movement… ALOT of movement… umm… i wouldnt mind doing some sort of 3d menu but how do u mean? i wanted to make those designs turn constantly until you drag over them then they form into place…but as u all know i suk at actionscript and have no idea how. PLEASE help =] i really love flash now and i want to be good like u guys one day… i can make ANYTHING in 3d or photoshop… but getting it into flash it impossible for me =] ok here’s a thought… i have swift3d… make an animation of those objects spinning in 3d… and can i make it so at any point when u drag NEAR them it takes them from their current position to the form u see there. i also wanted to make kewler button actions… like when u drag over them they send off a ringwave effect but a ringwave that is shaped like them… i mean… a bunch of little circular lines from each concave i think it is… eac concave part… [the part that bumps IN]… and they end up fading away about an inch away.this effect would have to be BEHIND every other layer too… this is stuff i cannot do now unless i get help and you guys rok and are very nice so … help =]

those buttons are actually 3d objects… so it isnt hard to make them rotate… the OTHER thing i wanted to do… and tell me if i could… was make a sort of energy wave from teh left hand side of the screen to the right… and make it flow over everything and turn whatever is 3d to a wireframe while its over it… make sense?

like an x ray… it would make everything wireframe like its showing its bones… if any of you would like to see my fla’s lemme know… i wouldnt mind. i need tutorials on button actions… and if there are any like what i need… by all means… =] thanks. really appreciated… oh… one more thing… my designs… they are actually a symbol i made… and its about 10 designs grouped together… and i was wodering if there was anyway to make it scroll… i have seen stuff where u drag near the left and it scrolls faster to the right… and visa versa, and i really need a tutorial for that… i want to make pics of maps in the background maybe… i havent figured out where yet… and when u drag over them i want them to clear up from being foggy looking… and then when u actually click on them i want them to download that map… somethign using that basic technology… any help once again is kewl guys… =] i will work on something… see the problem is… i actually have no idea how to finish my projects too… so all i can do is make swf’s as of now. and to group dif movies together and stuff sounds way too hard to me. so this is all one movie… i want some designs of mine to fade out to be a background image… or somethign… and a grid somewhere… its all jumbled up in my head =] gotta throw it up into flash.

Nice layout, clean. In my opinium you should add a bit of effect to the rollover buttons. If you use dreamweaver the open a new browser windom command from the actionpanel should do the trick.

The scrolling effect, take a look at the tutorial section, otherwize make a filmclip of the disered animation or if you want to spend a bit of time you make a small animation and duplicate the filmclips side by side (start position and end position must be with one frame different so it runs smoth, just like a music loop)

Otherwize the layout look very exciting and be shure to let us know when you done more.

umm… u lost me… =] but i havent been able to touch it yet but i plan to… i woudl like to do so many things and i think i will cheat alot to achieve them =]

oh well… thus is life

oh actually since then i HAVE done something… not much but here…