Another.. Site Redesign

sorry for copying ur thread but i had the same thing lol…

check it out tell me what u like , dont like, and what should change plz.

  • matt

that annoying sound needs to go!

the picture in the PROFILE section

make the transitions faster

home & services repeat eachother.

can’t get there.

Yes! that sound!!

Why is this double posted!!! ???

I would change

  1. Typing Every Word With A Capital Letter.
  2. The photo with your legs open and a dodgy camera angle
  3. The music.

I like

  1. the logo when it goes fuzzy.
  2. Choice of fonts

lol stfu :stuck_out_tongue: my cousin took that when i was just sitting down at an outside mall…and why every word in capital?

It just looks odd to me. I think you are going for a fairly professional looking site so i think it should be punctuated properly. Espicially When You do it sometimes and then Randomly Stop And Start up again.