Feedback and suggestion needed

I am working on a site:, almost done except the Links section. Just wondering if my layout is too plain and ugly, hope to get some pointers. Thanx!

Well its nice and clean. That’s always a good sign.

The words at the bottom are visible when they shouldn’t be. A quick fix would be to mask out the very bottom were they slide in. At the moment they slide in over the copyright text and it looks a bit messy.

What FPS do you have it set at? It seems to be running a bit slow/choppy. You might need to up the frame rate or cut back on some of the more CPU intense stuff. The boxes in the folio section seemed to be quite slug-ish for me.
I’m not sure why as I use a similar bit of code myself.

The way you are displaying your section titles doesn’t seem to fit with the flow of the site. The site is very clean and professional looking and the titles are very artsy and sloppy.

The only one other thing is the rounded corners on the outside of the frame. The rest of the site is straight edged and looks good but the outer corners seem lost and don’t go with the rest of your site… This might just be me being too picky though!?

Good work. Nice site.

The layout seems to be nice, but I’m not a fan of those bland buttons they just don’t seem to fit in with the sholw layout. I didn’t encounter any sluggishness while viewing your site, however I’m using a 2.2GHz with 512MB. I’d like to know though what your pictures are saved as because they took quite a while to load (portfolio).

Apart from that it seemed fine.

whao dude! the letters stay there is they are needed!

Great site!

Don’t have music playing by default. It’s one of my pet peeves in terms of web design because I listen to music a lot when I’m surfing the net.

Thanx to all u guys for your time in viewing the site and comments. I am still trying to see what else I need to improve or touched up. The pictures were saved as .jpg, now at least I realised some of us find the loading of the pics are slow.

Yes it looks good. One thing I did not like and that was the scrolling buttons. Could be more subtle. Other than that - great. I really like the cut out lettering effect and the way they move when buttons are pressed