Another tanks game

Another tanks game, arrow keys for both players as it’s turn based. Hold space to power up.

It’s flash 5 so uses some old code :slight_smile:

nice one, :slight_smile:

…wait, I think I have seen a game like that before, I just can’t remember where…

Maybe on my site?

Its a standard fomula, there was a gamw like it on the amiga, and a game called “Scortched Earth” I think

well, I was referring to my footer :stuck_out_tongue:

HAH! Oh yeah, I’m so blind! 0_0

They are both (a little) like worms, which, I might add was a spiffing game!
Nice work so far guys! =]

Yeah, I was thinking of worms when I made it, hence the destroyable land.

pockettanks has destroyable land and thta is pretty fun

yeah, I guess it has been done many times.
I remember playing games
where 2 castles shot on each other with cannons on a c64 in black and white
2 apes threw exploding bananas on each other
and Worms

all with basically the same concept

reminds me a lot of pocket tanks. nice job. My only complaint is that when I shot myself, it said good job. :slight_smile:

The apes one came with QBasic, called Gorrilas(it had a sweet theme song), also with that came Nibbles(ie. snake).

There is also a really cool realtime version of worms called liero that you might be able to find by googling… and there is also an amazing free game called Gunbound that takes that concept to a whole new level,, it’s worth the huge DL, it’s probably one of the best and most in-depth free games out there for sure.