Another thread about text issues!

Ok so here it is -

I have a site that I am working on with a pixel font.

The site is set up with the main layout as one .swf and each section is another .swf loaded on top in a temp movieclip.

So I’ve been working on the different sections and have been using the same pixel font in static text boxes for all of them. When testing the individual movies the fonts look crystal clear.

When they are loaded into the main movie they are blurry! Everything is set on whole pixels so I don’t understand the problem. I went and switched all of the text boxes to dynamic instead of static and then they load perfectly clear in the main movie. So what is the difference??? I don’t understand.

I know a simple answer would be to change all of the text to dynamic but I’m trying to fade all of the text in and that only seems to work with static text.

Can anyone help please?

Thanks in advance!!!